17 April 2012

Baby Chicken Birth

Day 24
Today Baby Chicken get birth and they come out of crust. they are cute. I thought Machine will not work and its one of selling lies.

Incredible I have 6 Baby Chicken and am witting form the rest to come out by the end of the day  ...... its wonderful Machine

Day 24

15 April 2012

Trying Hatch Machine

In beginning of March I went to Pigeons Market in Sharjah and bought Hatch Machine for Chicken eggs, the seller was recommend it and he get me excited  .Its cost me 2000 DHS. 

One of my friend has  25 Chickens and by weekly she gets about 20 eggs in her family farm 

however I decide with her to take 24 eggs and put them in Machine 24 day.

if the Machine works we will divide the number of baby chickens between us

to day the eggs completed 23 Day. Tomorrow will be the birth of Baby Chickens. Am so excited 

 Day 23