30 May 2012

Google Tools

In College I have project to learn about Google tools about 10 tools. Moreover explain what I learn. It’s one of the projects I enjoy it.  Its benefit me a lot and help me to use it on others projects, also helps me to communicate with my group so easily. For example Google Doc, Face Book and Google research.  

28 May 2012


Nowadays the people are so busy that they don’t have time to think about themselves and not practising their hobbies. I was one of these people for a short time until I relied that I should give myself time to do what I love to make me relax and happy every day. One of my hobbies is sport, specially volleyball. Therefore, I started to play volleyball three times in a week  and try to make one team with my friends and play in the beach . Also we try to go from early morning to run and swim in the beach. By doing this I found myself more flexible and relaxed at my work and college.

26 May 2012


This week end , I went to Fujairah for a picnic with my family. I found one of the advancer that I was dreaming  to do which was parachuting. I went and asked if it is possible for the ladies to ride it alone but unfortunately there should be a  life guide with you if it is your first time. therefore, I tried something that I was keen on to do, I was so happy and excited on that day it was an amazing parachuting. In addition, I ride the jet sky with my brothers and sisters we all had fun and will never forgot that day.

25 May 2012

On 22/05/2012 was my birthday, I had lot of surprise from people I love. Got surprise from my Work colleague, my friends in colleges AM Class (marketing class) and PM Class (HR Class). Also my best friends and my family surprised me. I enjoy the day and love their surprise and cakes. Thank you all for making my day. 
                         Thank you my marketing class I loved your gift   


22 May 2012

Avengers Trailer

watch it don't miss it 

Last week Movies

Last week I went to cinema I saw Ishaqazad  Indian movie it was bad I don’t advice you to watch and waste your time. Also I saw Avengers English Movie action its about saving the word from aliens, by union of Heroes
 my best Hero is Incredible Hulk when he gets angry no one can stop him....don't make him angry

17 April 2012

Baby Chicken Birth

Day 24
Today Baby Chicken get birth and they come out of crust. they are cute. I thought Machine will not work and its one of selling lies.

Incredible I have 6 Baby Chicken and am witting form the rest to come out by the end of the day  ...... its wonderful Machine

Day 24